Bram Bout

More than 16.7k times played this month

Bram Bout was born April 10, 1963 in Tholen, where he still lives. Soon the musicianship showed itself and he received his first lessons from his father on Klavarscribo. However, after a year he switched to the note system and about 10 years later he took music lessons with two Thool teachers. During his military service he came into contact with Kamper musician Willem Hendrik Zwart, where Bram took organ lessons for about 4 years. The beautiful Hinsz organ was then 'his' domain for a few hours. Here, in addition to organ lessons, he also received lessons in harmonization and choral conducting. During the same military service period, he was a member of the men's choir De Lofzang from Heerde for a year, then conducted by Klaas Jan Mulder, during those choral rehearsals he gave his 'eyes and ears' a good living ...

In the past, Bram has been the permanent accompanist of the Christian Thools men's choir for over 28 years (after a short interruption one of the permanent accompanists again) and 8 years with the men's choir Ethan te Yerseke. As a conductor he has been responsible for more than 10 years with the youth choir Hananja and the mixed choir De Lofstem from Scherpenisse for 2 years.

Bram is currently a conductor of 2 male choirs, viz. the Duivelands Male Choir from Oosterland and Male Choir Jeduthun from Krabbendijke. As church organist he has been associated with the Reformed Congregation in Tholen since January 1, 1989, where he plays the beautiful Van Oeckelen/Steendam organ. In addition, Bram is regularly asked to accompany other choirs, collaborates with other musicians and participates in community singing evenings.

Many choral arrangements by his hand have already been published, which, in addition to his own choirs, are also sung by other choirs. Many years ago, his first collection with three Psalm arrangements (55, 113 and 119) was published and many questions arose as to when a sequel would be given. An edition of Trio Psalm 77 and Fantasie will soon be published about 'Come, let us go on children'.

Musical gifts are given by God, these gifts may be used in worship, choral rehearsals and performances. Then, in addition to the silent prayer, the hymn may also sound. Soli Deo Gloria!