Peter Wildeman

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Peter Wildeman - born in Lisse in 1972 - started his organ lessons at the age of 7 with Leen Schippers. After primary school he became organist with various choirs, such as the girls' choir De Jonge Lofstem and the men's choir Datheen. Jan Bonefaas in Gorkum taught Peter the basics of composing, while Nan de Cock (piano teacher from Lisse) taught Peter that piano technique is different from organ technique. During the Meao period in Amersfoort, Peter received weekly choral conducting lessons from Cees het Jonk. At the same time singing lessons at the music school in Lisse. At the Schumann-Akademie in Amsterdam, his development was given a deepening. By the v.o.g.g. he was chosen as church organist in the Reformed Congregation in Lisse. From the age of 20, Peter conducted various choirs. He is currently the conductor of the following choirs: Lois Youth Choir, Ons Eiland Youth Choir, Het Hollands Jongerenkoor, Salomo Young Men's Choir, Shira Young Women's Choir, Amazing Grace Choir, Cantilena Youth Choir and Asaf Youth Choir from Werkendam. He accompanies various choirs, such as the Groot Classical Choir and the Great Reformation Choir. Choirs Deo Juvante from Kesteren. Together with Joost van Belzen he regularly performs as a musical duo. As director of publishing company Interclassic Music, he annually releases about 25 CDs, not only of himself but also of other musicians. Peter's slogan is: ʻI myself had a chance, I don't begrudge other, younger musicians.ʻ His music is heard all over the world, but especially in the Netherlands. His music is very regularly broadcasted on the (digital) media. Peter is church organist in the Ger. Municipality of Tholen, where he plays the beautiful van Oeckelen-Steendam organ. Peter gives a large number of international concerts every year. Every year he gives a tour in Canada and the USA. He also visits countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, but also countries such as Israel and Great Britain. The instrumental album: world-famous instrumental melodies, was awarded gold and is now platinum. Thanks to digitization, all Peters CD albums can be listened to digitally via Familystream.


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