Arja Peters

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Arja Peters, pseudonym of Chinny van Erven (Smilde, January 10, 1925 – Apeldoorn, June 7, 1996), was a Dutch writer. She was best known for the children's book series The Oly Twins.

Arja Peters was born as the daughter of a teacher. After high school, she followed a two-year course at the Secondary Agricultural and Domestic School in Deventer, and then married a French language and literature teacher in 1946. She then went to live in Apeldoorn with her family.

Shortly after her marriage, she began her first novel, Herthe. In 1958, when she now had two sons, she started writing the girls' book series The roguish twins. The series about the twins Ellis and Thelma Bongers was a great success and would eventually have 26 parts. By 1995, some 2.2 million books had been sold. In addition to this series, Peters also wrote the five-part series Vicky, and a number of other children's books, and detective novels. Finally, she was active as a journalist for the Apeldoorns Stadsblad.

Arja Peters died on June 7, 1996 at the age of 71 in Apeldoorn.