Edwin Velvis

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Edwin Velvis first encountered English choral music during a trip to Cambridge in 1989. This sparked his interest in studying music and, particularly, in singing. He soon became involved with the Roder Boys' Choir, where he sang as a bass for over ten years and later also provided vocal coaching. Additionally, he sang with The Gents, a vocal ensemble that originated from a concert tour to the United States in 1996.

Edwin studied music education, singing, and choral conducting at the Stedelijk Conservatorium in Groningen and at the SNK in Utrecht. He studied with instructors such as Marijke van Klaveren and Silvère van Lieshout, and received vocal lessons from Bouwe Dijkstra and Frans Huyts.

He has won awards with various choirs at choir festivals and has regularly sung with choirs in English cathedrals. Currently, he works as a conductor under the name Velvision Vocal with various choirs and choir projects, including the Noordermannenkoor in Rijssen. Additionally, he provides vocal coaching and regularly conducts workshops on vocal training for choirs.

In addition to his work in music, Edwin organizes choir trips to European destinations. For more information, visit www.velvision.nl.