Christelijk Mannenkoor Ede

More than 6.5k times played this month

Christian Male choir Ede was founded in March 1982. We started with 23 members and grew into a male choir of almost 100 members. Due to factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the choir currently counts just over 80 members. In the early years, Wim van Galen was our conductor, and since 2013, the choir has been under the direction of Jan Hendrik van Schothorst. The repertoire consists of psalms, spiritual, and patriotic songs. CME performs several times a year, with fixed moments including the Liberation Concert and Christmas Concert in the Old Church of Ede. CME sings for charitable causes, as well as upon invitation from other choirs. Additionally, CME is regularly asked to perform for residents of nursing homes in the region.
CME always strives to bring a varied program with appealing songs. This involves collaborating extensively with well-known musicians and soloists. A highlight was the concert in the Old Church of Ede to commemorate the throne change on April 29, 2013. For this event, CME received recognition from the National Inauguration Committee in the form of an orange ribbon.