At Once

More than 13 times played this month

The three musical friends of At Once grew up together in Urk and became involved as soloists, musicians, or conductors with various choirs at an early age. Now, all three have busy schedules as solo singers, conductors, producers, or musicians. With At Once, an old musical dream came true: "We had wanted to make music together for a long time, to combine our voices and musical talents into one sound," the men say. "We can't wait to introduce the Dutch audience to our three-part songs with content that we all stand behind."

"If you do something, you should do it well," the men continue. "We see it as our responsibility to our Creator to make the most of our talents. That's why we recorded our debut album with a 46-piece symphony orchestra." The men combine classical gospels such as 'Amen' and 'Is it Well' with pieces written specifically for the group about living as followers of Christ. Occasionally, some opera elements are included. During concerts, the men often take turns playing the piano or the organ. Visitors to a concert can expect variety, humor, emotion, recognition, and musical surprises.

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