Ars Musica Orkest

More than 5.4k times played this month

The Ars Musica Orchestra (AMO) is a young, professional, enthusiastic, and flexible orchestra that performs throughout the Netherlands. The orchestra is led by chief conductor Patrick van der Linden. During performances, the orchestra knows how to engage the audience in the musical experience.

Under the banner of Ars Musica, the orchestra programs concerts that create connections between old masters like Bach and Beethoven and new eras. This cohesion characterizes the programming that Ars Musica advocates.

A second important artistic focus is education for children and adults. The orchestra writes performances specifically for music education in primary and secondary schools.

The Ars Musica Orchestra distinguishes itself through an active and energetic way of making music and an open, dedicated approach to working. During concerts, the orchestra creates an intimate atmosphere, making the audience feel personally connected to the orchestra.

Since its founding in 2014, the orchestra has also specialized in accompanying choirs and soloists. The ensemble has contributed to beautiful high-level concerts. The ensemble ranges from a few musicians to a full symphony orchestra.

AMO gives concerts throughout the Netherlands. In 2015, the orchestra participated in the groundbreaking production of Hans Lachmann's Requiem in Limburg, which was recorded and broadcast by Radio 4. In the same year, AMO performed outdoors at the brand-new Festival Natuurlijk Klassiek at the Schovenhorst Estate in Putten. In 2016, the orchestra participated in television broadcasts of Bach's St. Matthew Passion and Handel's Messiah, which were aired by the EO on NPO2. In September 2017, the orchestra released its debut CD featuring Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture and Schubert's Seventh Symphony (‘The Unfinished’).