Arjan Post

More than 75.5k times played this month

The duo Arjan & Edith is regularly invited to participate in (choir) concerts and CD recordings. The distinctive sound of their two trumpets has become renowned. With their professionalism, musicality, and years of experience accompanying various choirs, the trumpet sound seamlessly blends with the choir sound, creating an engaging whole.

As a variation in concerts and recordings, they also provide musical interludes. Their expertise shines through as both play multiple instruments, such as the flugelhorn and piccolo trumpet. This diverse skill set allows them to have a broad repertoire covering almost every genre, suitable for any concert and any time of the year.

Even choirs without ready-made trumpet arrangements for their repertoire are accommodated. The duo themselves, in consultation with the conductor, provide trumpet arrangements for the concert or CD recording. Their professionalism ensures skillful and musically sound arrangements.