A.J. Hoogenbirk

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Adolf Jacob Hoogenbirk, born on September 7, 1848, in Amsterdam, and passed away on December 9, 1920, initially worked as a teacher until 1873. He was then trained as an evangelist by Reverend J. de Liefde. From 1878 to 1892, he served as an editor for De Standaard, the political organ of the Anti-Revolutionary Party (A.R.). Like Eduard Gerdes, he also managed the children's section in the Heraut for a while.

In 1896, he founded "Ons Tijdschrift," which focused extensively on literature. He also served as the editor-in-chief of the magazine Excelsior and the Sunday School magazine. Additionally, he held the position of chairman for the "Vereeniging tot Heil des Volks" (Society for the Welfare of the People) and the Netherlands Youth Association.