The Schenk Family

More than 162 times played this month

The Schenk Family is a musical family from the fishing village of Urk, consisting of the renowned musicians Jacob and Gerben Schenk, supported by family members Albertje, Rebecca, and Matthias. Since 2020, they have joined forces and formed a music group that provides an annual music livestream around Christmas from their living room.

After successfully hosting two livestreams, they decided to do something different in 2022. They recorded their first CD, 'A Christmas with The Schenk Family,' all from home, in the middle of summer. The recording, instrument playing, five-part harmonies, and even the mixing and artwork were done by their son Matthias. Apart from mastering, CD pressing, and photography, everything was done in-house.

With this CD, the Schenk family hopes to reach out to those who may feel lonely during the holiday season, offering them a warm blanket of love and cheer during the darkest days of the year.