Meester Visser

More than 2.210 times played this month

Mr. Visser, often called "Master Visser" because he served as the principal of the Eliezer and Obadja School for many years, is a familiar figure to many of us. For years, Mr. Visser has been writing in various publications such as the Gezinsgids, Daniël, Terdege, and the Reformatorisch Dagblad. Additionally, Master Visser is a captivating storyteller. At associations, schools, and other gatherings, his engaging stories, narrated by Master Visser, are often heard. Every year, he tells a story during the Traditional New Year's Concert in the Bovenkerk in Kampen, captivating both young and old alike! The stories Master Visser tells are all true. They are beautiful, exciting tales, but they also carry a message.