Maurice van Dijk

More than 22.1k times played this month

Maurice van Dijk is regarded as one of most remarkable trumpet players working in the Netherlands today. He is one of the few trumpet players with his own lyrical sound. Maurice has played in eclectic music scenes across Europe and beyond, including Poland, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Italy and even in Israel. He have performed numerous times on local, national and international TV.

Maurice van Dijk was born in the city of Kampen and started playing at a very young age. He studied at the Messiaen Academie to get his Master of Arts. He has recorded more than sixty CDs for labels across all genres.

His remarkable versatility as a musician means that he is just as much at home working with a chamber orchestra or collaborating with a gospel choir. Orchestras he has performed with include the Mulder Consort (pianist Jan Mulder), het Noord Nederlands Orkest, Hineni Symphony Orchestra, Hineni Kamer Orkest, military orchestras, Nederlands Begeleidings Orkest, Symfonisch Begeleidings Orkest and Ensemble Conservatoire en Stichting Ars Musica. He has played with these orchestras on major music stages like the Doelen Rotterdam and the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

Since 2009, Maurice has also played with Janita and recorded two successful albums with her. The first, 'Uit het Hart' (From the Heart), is an album of gospel music and the second, called ‘Link’,.

Maurice wrote and composed three books with Frank Glaser - ‘Two Methods for Trumpet’ and two books where the two musicians play famous songs at an easy level. Maurice loves to teach and that is his main passion.