Marieke Bastiaan

More than 18.6k times played this month

In 1999 I was born in the Zwolle area. From the age of seven my parents allowed me to take violin lessons (I was inspired by the music program Nederland Zingt).
I am currently studying music vocational school Quintus in Kampen. Here I have lessons from the professional violinist Lies van Vledder. In addition to these music lessons, I have played for many years in the orchestra de Jonge Vuurvogel and youth symphony orchestra de Vuurvogel conducted by Albert Dam.

In the course of the years I have also participated in concerts in the Stadsgehoorzaal in Kampen.
Nowadays I have more and more solo gigs! Since 2019 I have accompanied the Christelijk Mannekoor Zwolle and I was allowed to participate in the program Nederland Zingt. There I came into contact with musician Peter Wildeman, and we form a musical duo. We have now done several CD and stream recordings.
I am also a violinist in the well-known orchestra of the Hollands Youth Choir.

I contributed to the leading role of an instrumental album for the charity De Verre Nearby (mission).
For this purpose, a tour will be started throughout the Netherlands.