Lucas de Heer

More than 35.5k times played this month

Lucas de Heer (2006) was born in Ede (Gelderland). At a young age he could already be found behind the piano. 'I've been taking piano lessons from Leander van der Steen since I was 8, and I still enjoy coming to them.
Since 2021, organ playing has also interested me. In the meantime I have been able to play several church organs.
In September 2022 I became a regular pianist at the Jong Crescendo children's choir in Ede. And since January I have been a regular pianist at the Jedidjah teenage choir in Veenendaal.
Lately I've had several concerts, performances and great collaborations!
I hope to make a lot of music in the future, for example by accompanying concerts and psalm singing evenings. In addition, I hope to be able to give many more performances!'
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