Krista van den Esker

More than 1.121 times played this month

The clear sound of the flute, the ensemble playing with the local harmony orchestra, and listening to records by Thijs van Leer and Berdien Stenberg at home all contributed to Krista's early love for the "flute profession"...

At the age of 15, Krista embarked on a 2-year preparatory course at the conservatory in Zwolle under Jorge Caryevschi, where she continued her studies and graduated cum laude with a bachelor's degree.

Following this, she took a gap year at the Royal Conservatory with Emily Beynon, principal flutist of the Concertgebouw Orchestra. She then completed her master's degree cum laude under Aldo Baerten, principal flutist of the Antwerp Philharmonic, and Vincent Cortvrint, piccoloist of the Concertgebouw Orchestra. She participated in masterclasses by renowned flutists such as Peter Lukas Graf and Jeanne Baxtresser. Together with Jorrit Woudt and Ronald IJmker, she recorded two solo CDs titled 'Benediction' and 'Schuilplaats'.

Krista is a highly regarded flutist known for her expression, enthusiasm, and clear, warm tone. She contributes to choir concerts, CD and TV recordings, and works as a freelance flutist with the Ars Musica orchestra and the wind sextet 'het Suolle ensemble'.

In addition to her performances, Krista enjoys contributing to the musical and cultural development of children and adults. She does this in her own studio, Fluitstudio Krista, where she gives flute lessons and develops workshops for elementary school students. In recent years, Krista has become interested in cultural policy, for which she has pursued training in project management and as an Internal Cultural Coordinator.