Jan Hendrik van Schothorst

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Jan Hendrik van Schothorst was born in November 1985 in Zeist. At the age of eight, he received his first organ lessons from Gert van de Hoef in Veenendaal. Since 2002, he has been studying organ and piano with Leander van der Steen and taking singing lessons from Ali Hendriksen. In 2009, Jan Hendrik successfully completed the Multi-Year Conductors Training.

Currently, Jan Hendrik is the conductor of the Christian Men's Choir Ede, the Reformed Youth Choir 'Chenanja' from Ede, the children's choir 'De kleine harp,' and the teenage choir 'Jedidjah' from Veenendaal. He also leads the instrumental ensemble 'Con Passione' from Veenendaal, the 'Maranathakerkprojectkoor' in Lunteren, and the project choir for evangelism in Bunde and Kerkrade, which rehearses in Harskamp. He enjoys working with groups of people, inspiring them, and advancing them musically.

For his choirs and orchestra, Jan Hendrik writes arrangements and new songs in various settings. Additionally, he is regularly asked to accompany as a pianist or organist. He can be found behind the piano with the Veenendaals Christian Men's Choir, as well as with various other choirs and concerts. He accompanies church services as a church organist in various locations.

Jan Hendrik has contributed to numerous broadcasts and recordings as a conductor and accompanist. Want to learn more? Visit www.janhendrikvanschothorst.nl.