Henriëtte Bronkhorst

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Henriëtte Bronkhorst – Barten (1990) lives
with her husband Gerrald in Nunspeet. Henriette
plays the flute from a young age. she followed
her first lessons at the music school in
Scherpenzeel. After obtaining her D diploma she started taking lessons with
the famous flutist Marjolein de
White from Groot-Ammers. Here follows
she is currently still teaching. Henriette
is the first flutist at Nijmegen
Student Orchestra played.
This symphony orchestra plays works by, among others:
Dvorik, Brahms, Mahler and Beethoven. Currently
Henriette regularly participates in concerts as a flutist
with choirs and she is a member of a wind quintet and of
a trio for two flutes and piano. In everyday life
life, Henri tte works as an assistant accountant
at WITH Accountants in Amersfoort.
For more information see www.bronkhorstmuziek.nl