Hayo Boerema

More than 699 times played this month

For more than twenty years, Hayo
Boerema, organist of the St. Laurenskerk
in Rotterdam, has been making the
organ accessible to a wide audience. In
addition to performing, he also works as
a composer, a teacher at the Rotterdam
Conservatoire of Codarts and a jury
member of various organ competitions at
home and abroad.

In his performances, Hayo enjoys looking
for contrasts and extremes in the
compositions of both established and
contemporary composers, fascinating both
the traditional music lover and the more
experimental music lover. His repertoire
extends from Sweelinck to contemporary
music, including considerable Bach,
Messiaen and French music from the
twentieth century. Hayo Boerema’s CD
recordings are highly lauded by the press.
Hayo not only works as a soloist, but also
regularly collaborates with choirs and
instrumental ensembles.

In the search for new ways and forms,
he increases the appeal of the organ.
His crossover collaborations with other
artists who also dare to experiment led in
recent years to interesting projects with
jazz musicians, painters, singers, guitarists,
percussionists, writers and projection

Hayo has frequently composed over the
years for the Laurenscantorij, Wishful
Singing, the National Children’s and Youth
Choir, The Gents and various other vocal
and instrumental ensembles.