Chr. Mannenkoor ''Jeduthun'', Amersfoort

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Jeduthun is a men's choir, directed by Arie Kortleven. Weekly, about 120 men gather in the Chapel of the Hoornbeek College in Amersfoort to rehearse Psalms, hymns, and patriotic songs. The rehearsal evenings are well attended. We sing and share life together. Monday evenings are hard work, but they are also delightful evenings, as we engage in singing together and delve into the spiritual content of the music.

In addition to the concerts we organize, we are often invited to participate in singing events across the Netherlands. An overview of these events can be found on the agenda of this website. Over time, multiple recordings of our choir have been made. These recordings, along with our repertoire, provide a good example of our singing over the years.

The Christian Men's Choir "Jeduthun" was established at the initiative of several teachers from the Van Lodenstein College in Amersfoort. Gentlemen G. de Bruin, J. Bosma, A. Cornelissen, and C. het Jonk encountered each other daily as colleagues. During their conversations during breaks, the idea of establishing a men's choir emerged. A letter to the parents of the Van Lodenstein College announced this initiative. Men who were interested were invited to an information meeting on Monday, March 1, 1982. The turnout exceeded all expectations, with as many as 80 men attending. It was decided that the plans could be implemented. Thus, the formation of the men's choir was a reality. Rehearsals began the following Monday under the direction of Mr. C. het Jonk. Organist Arie Kortleven became the choir's regular accompanist. Over the years, the choir has grown into a nationally recognized ensemble with its distinct choral sound. In 1998, Arie Kortleven took over as the conductor.