Atie Dijkstra-Schalk

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My name is Atie Dijkstra-Schalk, and I am a mother and grandmother. I have also been working for years, one and a half days a week, at an elementary school with kindergarten children. I have always written stories, even as a girl, and because I enjoy drawing and painting, I used to create illustrations for them as well. I wrote the books of Tim and Niek because the Koster Brothers had indicated that there was a need for books for young children, for reading aloud but also for self-reading. That's why the series is written in short sentences and in words at a simple reading level. I had already had a book published with them before: "Oh, those Bas and Marieke!" In that book, I described events from our family with young children. At school, I am often busy with children's stories. So, I wrote the books with great pleasure and also made the illustrations myself. Hopefully, the children will enjoy reading them on Familystream.