Arjan Huizer

More than 1.253 times played this month

Arjan stumbled upon a keyboard at the local play-o-theme at the age of 8. Playing the keyboards fascinated him enormously, so his parents allowed him to take keyboard lessons. This interest was not limited to the keyboard; it grew to include the piano and later the organ.

Arjan started accompanying church services at the age of 10 and soon became the regular accompanist of a children's choir. After about 3 years of keyboard lessons, Arjan wanted to learn more about the piano. During his 1st year in high school, he took a school year of piano lessons from his music teacher, further developing his self-taught skills as a pianist and organist.

At the age of 13, Arjan recorded his 1st CD, which brought national fame due to the fact that as a 13-year-old he organized everything on his own. He joined a school orchestra and became principal pianist of the orchestra and choir project "For Peace and Freedom. During breaks at school he could often be found behind the Boston grand piano, designed by Steinway & Sons, one of the brands Arjan loves to play on.

Arjan served for many years as a regular pianist with various (gospel) choirs, where he learned a lot about various styles of music. He regularly contributes to various concerts at home and abroad. Over the years Arjan has developed his own sound. His ability to improvise on different styles of music is considered characteristic.