Ard van der Linden

More than 2.007 times played this month

From a young age, Ard (2000) has been involved with music. At the age of 7, he started playing the bugle (a brass wind instrument). After years of playing in a brass band/orchestra, Ard had to bid farewell to the orchestra due to his progressive eye disease.

Around the same time Ard stopped playing the bugle, he began playing the organ. After a few months, he started taking improvisation lessons with Paul Kieviet. Following a beautiful and instructive period, it was time for the next step in June 2017. This step led him to the pre-conservatory program at Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg, under the guidance of Wouter van der Wilt. With his mentor's guidance, Ard delved deeper into the art of improvisation, becoming a true improviser!

Ard improvises in a broad stylistic range, with the core of his improvisations focusing on centralizing the melody in a well-crafted original technical form.

Currently, Ard continues to broaden his skills in improvisation by attending various masterclasses and still taking harmonization/improvisation lessons with Wouter van der Wilt in Rotterdam.

In 2019, Ard started a new musical platform: The Art of Ard. Here, he can channel his creativity and musicality.