Annette Jumelet

More than 44.2k times played this month

As a little one, Annette Jumelet from Bruinisse would sway along whenever she heard violin music. However, it wasn't until she was nine years old that she had her own violin in her hands. She struggled with it, enjoyed it, and gradually discovered her own 'sound'.

It's the instrument where she can express her passion. "It literally touches me. I can express so much emotion and myself through it. Playing the violin actually becomes even more beautiful over time." This realization was exactly the push she needed to make her own CD. For Jumelet, it was a big dream that she didn't dare to pursue until recently. She was plagued by insecurity: I didn't attend a conservatory. Am I good enough? "Later on, I started thinking differently. What I let people hear is me. That's my sound. It doesn't have to meet all kinds of requirements. It's about being able to convey your feelings through music."