André Knevel

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The organist André Knevel was born in Bussum, Netherlands. At a very young age, he was drawn to the organ. When he was 8 years old, he received his first organ and piano lessons. His teachers included Dr. J.A.M. van Stokkum, Rutger van Mazijk, and Willem Hendrik Zwart. André Knevel gave his first official organ concert when he was 19 years old. Shortly thereafter, he was appointed as an organist in the Reformed Community in Hilversum. At the invitation of various organizations, he played several French organs, including those in the Cathedrals of St. Eustache, Sacre-Coeur, and Sens.

In 1975, André Knevel emigrated to Canada, where he settled in St. Catharines, Ontario. There, he is associated with various Christian schools as a music teacher and serves as a church organist. André Knevel continued his organ studies with Dr. John Tuttle, an organ teacher affiliated with the Royal Conservatory in Toronto. Under Tuttle's guidance, André obtained his organ diploma B.

André Knevel embarks on numerous concert tours throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, and South Africa. As a highly sought-after organist, he annually undertakes a summer tour in the Netherlands and Germany, giving 30 to 40 concerts. In 2010, he gave two concerts in Romania by invitation, at the St. Gheorghe Cathedral in Timisoara and the St. Joseph Cathedral in Bucharest.

André is known for his improvisational talent and excels in interpreting the works of "the Great Masters." His musical prowess has made him a household name in the European and North American organ scene. Additionally, André Knevel is frequently sought after as an accompanist for choirs and soloists, including the renowned pan flutist Liselotte Rokyta. He also writes music for the organ (Ambitus series and Cantique). André has released numerous CDs.

In this way, he hopes to share his gifts and talents for music with his audience, but above all, it is his desire that it may be to the praise and glory of God.

In 2010, his 40th anniversary as an organist was celebrated.