André Heuvelman

More than 380 times played this month

As a young child, Andre Heuvelman (1966) had a great love for making music. By chance, the trumpet came into his life, but due to his disability (a short forearm and a weak wrist), this instrument presented a significant challenge. Through his pragmatic approach to achieving what he wanted in music, Andre has an extraordinary life story to tell. That's why Andre is regularly asked to be a keynote speaker, moving, connecting, and inspiring audiences. With his beautiful music and infectious vulnerability and enthusiasm, he tells his story and challenges his listeners to dare to stand on their own stage.

Since 1990, Andre has been a trumpeter and, from 1997, a solo trumpeter with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, known for its exceptional concerts in the world's most beautiful concert halls. Andre is a former member of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble, which is well-known to the wider public for the New Year's concerts broadcast annually by VARA on television. In February 2014, the Netherlands Wind Ensemble also hosted the thanksgiving celebration for Princess Beatrix. Andre regularly gives masterclasses and is a teacher at the Rotterdam Conservatory Codarts.

Andre believes that there is more to playing the notes: endless curiosity and a drive to communicate are prerequisites for a career on stage, whatever stage it may be. He has an unstoppable energy and is the creator of many concepts to bring people and musicians together and get them moving. His mission is to bring people back to themselves and thereby create shared value. The many initiatives he has launched are evidence of this.