Anastasiia Staroselska

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Anastasiia Staroselska was born in Chernigov, Ukraine, into a family of medical professionals. She studied at the music school and later at the music lyceum, during which she performed at the Chernigov Philharmonic and Theater, participating in competitions throughout Ukraine and internationally. At the age of 14, she became a finalist in the international Anton Rubinstein competition in St. Petersburg.

Initially earning a degree in veterinary medicine, Anastasiia later pursued postgraduate studies at the university. She defended a doctoral thesis and worked as a microbiology lecturer for domestic and international students. Despite her prestigious position at the university, she ultimately chose to follow her calling and studied at the Institute of Arts and Culture in Sumy. There, she specialized as a vocal soloist with a mezzo-soprano voice under Olga Yurko.

During her music studies and university work, she auditioned at the National Drama and Operetta Theater in Sumy, initially joining the choir and later becoming a soloist. She completed her music studies with a Master's degree. Eventually, music became her primary profession, along with theater, and she frequently performs, including on the stage of the Sumy Philharmonic, often collaborating with pianist Svetlana Yakimova.