Alice Baarssen

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Alice Baarssen, born in 1997, is one of many children in Urk who grow up in a musical family. Her father, Piet Baarssen, is a well-known baritone who sings as a soloist in the Urker Visserskoor "Crescendo", and her mother, Nellie, also sings in a Urk choir. With such a musical background, it's no surprise that singing runs in Alice's genes, and that's indeed the case. She has collaborated on her father's DVD: "Nader tot U". At a young age, Alice joined the renowned "Geke's Tiental" from Urk.

On this album, Alice is accompanied by two combos led by Henk Ruiter and Roelof Elsinga. Vocal contributions are made by her father, Piet, the Urker Men's Quartet, Janneke Baarssen, and three friends.

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