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FamilyStream is currently working hard on expanding and is in discussion with various publishing companies. What music is available at what time on FamilyStream is determined by the publishers in consultation with the artists. It sometimes takes a while, but we do everything we can to make as much music as possible available on FamilyStream.


  • On your computer, go to www.familystream.com and click ‘My account’.
  • If you have never logged on, you will need to create an account using the main page of our website. You then log in using your username and password.
  • Once logged in, you will see the web player and you can click ‘Account’ on the menu to the left.
  • Enter your details on the account page (if you have not already done so) under ‘Personal information’ and click ‘Save’.
  • Click ‘Subscription’ on the menu to the left and select payment via direct debit or PayPal. By selecting direct debit, you authorise us to draw the monthly amount from your bank account. You will then always have access to FamilyStream and do not need to extend the subscription. Your subscription can be cancelled monthly by email.

To cancel your subscription, send an email to support@familystream.com. We always adhere to a one month notice period starting at the end date of your latest extension.

A standard subscription allows FamilyStream to be listened to on two devices at the same time. You have two profiles per subscription. If you want to listen using a third device, you will need to turn off one of the other devices. You can also switch to a family subscription. You will then have four profiles and four family members can use FamilyStream at the same time.

A trial subscription allows you to listen to our music for 30 days for free. After 30 days, you receive a notification by email that your subscription has expired. You can then decide whether you want to continue with a paid subscription. So, you are not obligated at all.

Click ‘Personal information’ on the menu on the left on the account page. After entering all fields, click ‘Save’ and you can then activate your account.


It’s likely you are using your Sonos profile on another device. Unfortunately, changing the profile within Sonos is not possible. So, we recommend that you change the profile on another device. You can also change the Sonos profile on your account. Go to ‘Account’ on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Under ‘Profiles’, you can assign your Sonos to one of the two available profiles.

Check whether you entered your username (email address) with a capital letter. Many smartphones do this automatically. So, if your username/email address starts with a lower case letter, you will receive this message. If this does not work, you can request a new password on the login page on our website.

In contrast to iOS, Android runs on devices where the specifications and price brackets differ greatly. We made the FamilyStream app as light as possible. Nevertheless, it does not work on every single type of smartphone. Unfortunately, a solution to this is beyond our reach.

If you have other problems, try the following:

– Make sure you have the latest version of the app.
– Avoid saving too much music offline to save space.
– Close as many apps as possible that run in the background.
– Switch to 4G to ensure that it is not a Wi-Fi problem.
– Go to settings and switch the music quality from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Good’.

If these actions do not resolve the issue and your phone is cheap or old, we can only recommend that you purchase a better model. If you have a newer or more expensive model and still have problems, please contact support@familystream.com.

Ways to listen

No, FamilyStream is not a radio broadcaster and so it cannot be listened to using internet radio channels. Of course, you can always stream our music to your sound system using a Bluetooth receiver or Bluetooth speaker.

For most Bose systems, you can listen to FamilyStream music by using your smartphone to make a Bluetooth connection with your Bose system.

You can stream FamilyStream using a Bluetooth connection to your HEOS device. You can adjust your sound system settings using the HEOS app. HEOS has announced that it will provide assistance to FamilyStream users who have connection problems. Click here for HEOS support.

Yes, you can add both the FamilyStream free trial subscription and the paid subscription as a service to the Sonos app.

  • You can do so on any computer when you log in on www.familystream.com.
  • On iPhones and iPads, go to the App Store and download the FamilyStream app for iOS for free.
  • On Android phones and tablets, go to the Play Store and download the FamilyStream app for Android for free.
  • On Sonos devices, you add FamilyStream as a service.
  • On HEOS and Bose systems, you can listen to FamilyStream by making a Bluetooth connection using your smartphone.

You can make a Bluetooth connection between your smartphone or tablet and sound system. A variety of Bluetooth receivers are available that you can simply plug into your AUX-IN input. You then use your smartphone or tablet to play your choice of FamilyStream music on your sound system speakers. You can also use an AUX cable to directly connect your smartphone or tablet to the AUX-IN of your sound system. It’s even easier and more mobile when you have a Bluetooth speaker or a Sonos sound system.

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‘It’s terrific being able to listen to numbers while offline. It’s nice for in the car.’

‘Searching is really convenient and there is a huge selection.’

‘The kids listen to the stories almost every day.’

‘I sometimes find old albums that are wonderful.’