The largest
reformed and classical
music collection

FamilyStream. a good moment

Anytime and anywhere

You can listen to FamilyStream using Sonos, tablet, computer, or smartphone. Your favourite music at hand anytime and anywhere.

Biggest collection

FamilyStream has the biggest reformed and classical music collection and it continues to grow!

Your choice of music

You can use FamilyStream online or offline to choose the music you prefer, from classical music to stories.

Easy to use

FamilyStream is easy to use. Browse through our music collection and create your own personal playlists.

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FamilyStream music fits perfectly in your life

Fortunately, there are moments of peace during the hurly-burly of daily life. Reading the newspaper after a meal. Daydreaming on the sofa. Chatting at the dining table. The commute from the office to your home. FamilyStream music can enrich all of these moments. The world around you may impose specific choices and clear points of view, but our music naturally fits into your life. FamilyStream music is the music that you remember and so easily hits the right notes. Wherever you are. It’s a good moment.

Enjoy the music.

FamilyStream. A good moment

‘It’s terrific being able to listen to numbers while offline. It’s nice for in the car.’

‘Searching is really convenient and there is a huge selection.’

‘The kids listen to the stories almost every day.’

‘I sometimes find old albums that are wonderful.’